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Pattern Behavior practice a form of dark electronics sadly absent in a lot of the underground these days: music designed for the mind. Complex though it may be, those multiple layers of synthesis can be peeled back to reveal extremely competent songwriting. There aren’t any moments throughout ‘Electric Mind’s run where you have to force interest, every track contains wickedly engaging programming; it is the triumph of mathematics cast against an all too-human backdrop of varying emotions we’re confronted with. This music is just so amazingly logical in it’s execution with not one glance back; I really enjoy his multiple bass lines which seem to grow out of one another before resolving into symmetry so concise that everything around me begins to fall in line with what is playing.

There is certainly an audience for this sort of thing, even now in the days where obnoxious bombast runs rampant and creativity is decided by committee. The single objective of this record is to make you think and in this Pattern Behavior succeed admirably; are there others still left out there in the wilderness who are as reflective as this pair? Have all the years of mindless overtures to the conventions of pop music been thwarted… more and more I am beginning to realize that there’s some kind of awakening going on, as though the implosion of tradition in the recording industry is beginning to bear very exotic, strange fruit.



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Pattern Behavior – Electric Minds