Pattern Behavior – Electric Minds


After a trio of Eps on Component and Crime League, Electric Minds is Pattern Behavior’s debut full length album. During the project’s brief existence since 2013, the duo, Raab Codec & Elizabeth Virosa, have explored IDM, ambient, experimental, noise and post-industrial dance music. Electric minds build on these influences and combines the tracks with elements of early ’80s synth pop and ’90s melodic techno. Elizabeth’s transformative vocals have been brought to the forefront and showcase a more vibrant and intense side of the band. The sound of Electric Minds is warm and analogue, with the duo’s Moog serving as the album’s prime instrument. Electric Minds is available now on Component Recordings.

Album Reviews

A very nice evolution for Pattern Behavior... simultaneously lush and amniotic while maintaining a mechanical distance. Invokes at points Cabaret Voltaire and Clock DVA. Favorite track: Rupert's Tear.
State Vector Collapse